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Published @ 04/08/2023 by

author Nevrie
Nevrie, Co-Founder @

At PopupHero, we believe the magic lies in personalizing every little detail of your pop-up experience. Therefore, we’ve engineered our platform to provide you an abundance of customization options so that it stands uniquely as your own! Trust me, your visitors will notice - and love the attention to detail. 👌

On your PopupHero dashboard, there’s a special section titled “Look & Feel”, which lets you control just about anything related to the appearance of your widget. To reach this creative panel, click on PopupHero Look & Feel.

Look & Feel settings

From the size of your widget to its positioning on your webpage, everything can be tailor-made. Let’s explore these settings:

Height and Width

We understand, size does matter! Adjust the height and width of your pop-up to its most enthralling dimensions.

Height and Width settings


Think your pop-up would look better on the right? Or maybe the left? Or why not dead center? You decide!

Widget positioning settings


Play with depth by adding a shadow to your widget. Choose between no shadow, dim, medium, or spotlight, whatever compliments your design!

Popup shadow settings

Behind the Popup

Define how the world beyond your pop-up looks! You have the option to blur your website, show a translucent color, or just let it be.

Behind the Popup settings

Corner Radius

Set the corner radius to make your widget’s edges round or sharp. It's all about the shape!

Corner Radius setting

Close Icon

Pick your favorite icon style for that oh-so-important close button.

Close Icon settings

Vertical and Horizontal Space

Control the vertical and horizontal space around your widget for that perfect layout.

Vertical & Horizontal Space settings

And there you go! That’s how you design a widget that’s authentically yours with PopupHero. Remember, your users appreciate a good design, and these personal touches can really elevate their experience. Happy designing! 🌈

ℹ️ Tip: Though these settings may alter how the PopupHero widget appears on different devices, I assure you, it won't affect your beloved widgets' core functionalities.