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Published @ 04/08/2023 by

author Nevrie
Nevrie, Co-Founder @

Hey there! 👋 I'm Nevrie, the co-founder of PopupHero.

Today, let's talk about the GDPR Checkbox Block, a fantastic tool for boosting trust with your website visitors through its emphasis on data protection and legal standards. 💼

You can start using and customizing this block through our PopupHero Blocks editor. Ready to get started? Just click here!

popuphero builder

Once you've included the GDPR Checkbox block in your pop-ups, you can tailor it to your needs via these settings:


In this section, you'll be able to customize your GDPR text content. Feel free to add a URL and craft an error message for cases where a customer chooses not to agree to your privacy policy terms.

gdpr block content


Here, you can fine-tune the style of your GDPR checkbox block. Select a font family of your choice, tweak the font size, and pick a color that matches your brand.

gdpr block style

Block Settings

And finally, under Block Settings, you can adjust the padding for your block to make it sit perfectly within your popup layout.

gdpr block settings

Remember, the goal of the GDPR Checkbox block is to improve transparency and demonstrate your commitment to privacy — integral to building a trustworthy relationship with your visitors.

Happy pop-up making! 🚀