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Published @ 04/08/2023 by

author Nevrie
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Hey there! 👋 Nevrie at your service.

Ever wondered how to control the actions of your pop-ups on PopupHero, like what they should do after a visitor closes it or after collecting an email? 🤔 Let's jump right into it!

PopupHero behaviour settings

We've compiled everything you need on the PopupHero Behavior Settings page. 🌈 You can navigate to it directly by clicking here.

Now, let's run through some crucial control settings you can define:

After Closing the Popup:

This setting gives you control over the frequency of your pop-up's appearances. Ever annoyed your visitors by bombarding them with pop-ups? 😖 Worry no more! You can now manage how your pop-up reappears after a visitor has closed it.

You have two options here:

  1. "Never show popup again" - Once a visitor closes the pop-up, it will never reappear.
  2. "Show popup again on next visits" - The pop-up will reappear when the visitor revisits, thus providing consistent reminders.
after closing popup settings

After Collecting an Email:

Collected an email from a visitor? Fantastic! 🥳 But what should your pop-up do next?

Again, you have two options for the pop-up's next action:

  1. "Do nothing" - The pop-up will remain idle after the email collection.
  2. "Redirect to URL" - Guide your engaged visitor to another page! Choose this option and input the URL to which your visitor will be redirected. This can be an exclusive offer, a thank you page or anything else!
after collecting email

And that's it! Who knew controlling pop-ups could be this easy? 🎉 Go ahead and explore these settings, and take your visitor interaction to the next level! For any doubts, I'm here for you! 😉